Speech & Language Therapist in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey

Terms & conditions

Role of parents

Parents play a vital role in therapy. At the end of each session, activities and ideas will be given for you to try with your child before the next session. Completion of practise tasks is just as important as the therapy sessions themselves, and regular home support usually results in more positive outcomes. It is therefore important that a parent is present throughout the sessions to enable better follow-up afterwards.


A full list of current prices is available.

Fees include not only the time spent with your child but also planning, paperwork, liaison and preparation of therapy materials. An additional charge may be made for travel outside of my usual catchment area, at a rate of 40p per mile.

Assessment appointments should be paid for on the day of the appointment. Therapy and review appointments may be paid for on the day or in advance.

Home programmes

At times it will be appropriate to provide a home programme, for example following a block of therapy, or a review appointment. Home programmes contain activities and advice for you to use with your child.  Costs for home programmes range from £10 – £30, depending on the amount of planning required to devise the programme.


24 hours’ notice is required. Sessions cancelled after this time or not attended will be charged at 50% the usual rate. If I am ill, I will let you know as soon as possible, and offer a replacement session as soon as possible.

A parent may withdraw their child from therapy at any time. A week’s notice would be appreciated.

Failed payments

If a session is not paid for by the date on your invoice (usually 7 days after an appointment) I may suspend further sessions until payment has been received. You will receive one reminder, after which payment must be received if debt collection proceedings are to be avoided.